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Functional programming in Haskell

by Jerome Kehrli

Posted on Sunday Jan 24, 2010 at 05:28PM in Computer Science

Functional programming addicts,

I'm following an Haskell programming course. It was a short course, though we ran pretty much completely through the book "Programming in Haskell" by Graham Hutton. My personal view on this is that Haskell is a great language which offers a concision rarely reached by other languages, even other functional ones. The book sucks though. It's follows a way too much theoretical approach which makes it quite cumbersome and not interesting at all.

I've been told though that Hutton's book is the reference for Haskell programming. On my side I really found the various tutorials I could find online much more useful than the thorough lecture of this book I've been pretty much forced to follow.

Anyway, as usual I made a nifty summary on this book, so help yourself :

Haskell summary

The summary stands on three A4 pages and should serve as a reference for those who are initiated to Haskell programming and seek for a quick programming reference.

Happy reading, HTH.