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niceideas-commons 1.0-alpha-0.6

by Jerome Kehrli

Posted on Saturday Feb 06, 2010 at 11:51PM in Java

The company for which I am working currently is the fourth for which I am a Java developer / architect. I am mostly programming in the Java language for quite a long time now, and I have to admit that I have my way of doing things and my little habits. I know a large amount of java libraries and use almost always the same sets for the same needs, with little variations.

But even with the very large set of java libraries available out there, there are a few classes or utilities that I keep re-developing myself again and again each time I start a new job. Not that most of these utilities are not already available somewhere but I dislike the implementations, or want something simple, or anything else. A few of these classes though are really unique by nature.

Well, lately I found myself tired of re-writing the same sets of classes again and again so I wrote them once more ... once and for all. I made from them an open-source and freely available project released under GNU LGPL license so that I can freely use them in my current company as well as for any future employer I might be working for.
Having done this I thought I could share them here.

So please allow me to introduce the package niceideas-commons.

This package contains various utility classes related to calendar and business dates management, pools, caches, etc. as well as various classes aiming at simplifying introspection, reflection, manipulation of strings, enums, streams, etc.

Well, enough talking so here are the links :


The javadoc is available online :

niceideas-commons API
(Test classes API)

One might want to have a look at the maven pom.xml file to find out about the dependencies of the niceideas-commons library :


Regarding libraries, I had difficulties to find a few of them in the usual maven repositories. So I put them here :

hsqldb-1.7.2-rc6c.jar,   jms.jar,   jmxri.jar,   jmxtools.jar

Changelog :

1.0-alpha-0.7Some stuff added.
1.0-alpha-0.6Some cleaning, Some stuff added.
1.0-alpha-0.5Some cleaning, more documentation.
1.0-alpha-0.4Had to get rid of a few classes due to legal complaints from a friend ;-) Now the calendars are built on top of Joda's LocalDate.
1.0-alpha-0.3Initial documentation for packages and a few javadoc fixes
1.0-alpha-0.2A few corrections in the javadoc and some more classes added (BufferedStream, etc.)
1.0-alpha-0.1Initial release

I hope some of these classes can help a few of you as much as they help me everyday.

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