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niceideas-commons - v1.1-beta-0.1

by Jerome Kehrli

Posted on Sunday Dec 26, 2010 at 10:03AM in Java

Following the initial release of the niceideas-commons package here : niceideas-commons 1.0-alpha-0.7, the niceideas-commons 1.1-beta-0.1 is released today.

Major changes are :

  • Basic relation mapping support added to the DAO framework
  • More helper and utilities related to resource finding and loading
  • More utilities of various kinds
  • Various bug fixes

So here are the links :


The javadoc is available online :

niceideas-commons API
(Test classes API)

One might want to have a look at the maven pom.xml file to find out about the dependencies of the niceideas-commons library :


Regarding libraries, I had difficulties to find a few of them in the usual maven repositories. So I put them here :

jms.jar,   jmxri.jar,   jmxtools.jar

Lots of javadoc comments and/or package descriptions with use cases are still missing. The unit test coverage is quite complete though so one might want to have a look at the unit tests to find out how this stuff is to be used.

Changelog :

1.1-beta-0.1Initial release

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